Survey for Horse Owners in the Wisconsin Dells Area

Hello, horse owners in the Wisconsin Dells area! We want to hear from you so we can serve you better. We would really appreciate a few minutes of your time to answer questions about your horses and what you look for in your veterinarians. Thanks in advance! Take the survey

West Nile Virus FAQ

What is West Nile Virus? West Nile Virus came to the United States in 1999. The virus infects birds where it replicates itself to high levels. Mosquitoes feed on these birds and spread the virus to other birds, some other animals, and rarely people. How does a horse catch it? Horses contract West Nile Virus when they are bitten by an infected mosquito. For this reason, West Nile Virus is considered a Core Vaccine (a vaccine recommended for every horse, even horses that never leave their home and aren't exposed to other horses at events). What are the symptoms in horses? Fortunately, most horses don't show symptoms. For those that do, the most consistent sign is weak, uncoordinated hind

You can lead a horse to water, and here's how to encourage it to drink.

Drinking enough water is important for everyone, regardless of species. It is good to be aware of how much water your horse should be drinking, and how much they are actually drinking. For the average horse at rest, they require 5 to 10 gallons of water each day as a minimum. Remember that as the temperature increases, exercise level increases, and feeds become drier, the amount of water your horse needs each day will increase. If you are aware of your horse’s normal baseline water consumption, you can know when he isn’t drinking as much as normal. If your horse isn’t drinking enough, there are some things that you can do to encourage drinking more water. The first step is to make sure the b

Do Fly Predators Work?

A client asked me the other day about my take on fly predators. With all the cold weather we've been having, I haven't thought much about flies lately! I appreciate the question, though, and despite the snow falling today it's a great time to talk about pest control. Fly predators are small flies that don't bother you or your animals, in fact you don't notice them at all. They help by killing the pest fly pupae (cacoon stage) before it can fly off to harass us and our animals and reproduce. Yes, I do like them, I use them, and had already placed my order for them months ago. I have been really happy with minimal flies at my house (I also have a large trap for horse flies because the fly

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