Remembering Dr. Gary Johnson

I like a challenge and often agree to some crazy things before I figure out HOW I will pull them off. But this was too much. Last summer Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation had to take on 13 adult, completely unhandled horses. All needed major vet care like dentals, reproductive ultrasounds, and best of all, four stallions needed to be gelded. All work would need to be performed in a cramped, nasty barn in a two-day period with just beat up gates to use for restraint for horses that you can't even touch. I reluctantly said "yes" but I could feel the gravity of what I just agreed to by the feeling in my stomach. I made one sheepish request: "Please see if Dr. Johnson will come help." I've

You spoke & I listened--What's NOT new or exciting with Dells Equine in 2019

Usually this time of year equine veterinarians put out a newsletter to let you know about new things going on with their practice. I intended to write something like that because I AM excited about a lot of new things: some new equipment I've invested in, continuing education I've done this winter, the success of the monthly payment plan, a new vaccine, new educational handouts and website material, discount pricing on preventative care packages, and changes to after-hours services. It's too much to put in a blog article, newsletter, or the email to subscribers and overloading you breaks the few rules I know about marketing. So I ditched that idea...but please peruse the website, call, o

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