Ray Ainsworth Individual Teaching Sessions


There will be opportunities in June, July, September, and October.  Exact dates will be finalized in late May.  

  • Skills that Ray can teach you and your horse:  Trailer loading/unloading, standing tied without pulling back, being respectful of your space, being comfortable with their head and ears touched, standing still for injections and blood draws, standing still for the farrier/vet to work on feet, deworming, groundwork/lunging, standing still to be mounted, tacking up, other under-saddle issues, getting along with other horses on group rides, being caught in pasture without running off, and much, much more!  

  • Location: Dells Equine Veterinary Service (between WI Dells & Reedsburg)

  • Time: We will set individual session times.  Since horses are smart and Ray has very effective methods to communicate with them, results are often immediate and dramatic.  There is usually a breakthrough in minutes, possibly up to an hour.  He will also teach you how to communicate with your horse the way he does You are welcome to watch Ray work with other horses before or after your session.

  • Costs

    • Individual session with Ray: $150 paid to him.  If he does not take care of the problem, your session is free.​

    • Booking & facility: $30 paid to Dr. McKichan.

  • Coggins, vaccines, and other brief veterinary services are also available.  

  • Feel free to reach out with any questions. 

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