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Let Us Help You Budget for Equine Vet Expenses with the Dells Equine Monthly Payment/Retainer Plan

Economics has always been an issue when it comes to caring for animals. Over the past few years, though, it has become increasingly visible, particularly when families' finances are expected to stretch farther than ever.

If you like the idea of spreading your vet bills out into monthly payments, Dells Equine offers an easy, stress-busting monthly payment option for our clients. You determine the monthly amount you'd like to budget for your equine medical expenses, and we work together to set up an automatic payment plan.

Monthly payments can be made via credit card, or we can create an automatic ACH monthly payment through your checking or savings account. It's like setting up a fund for horse vet bills that will help with your budget and your cash flow and will allow you to avoid a sudden medical expense that you weren't expecting.

Your fund can be used to pay for ALL Dells Equine services including farm calls, coggins tests, vaccinations, dental care, lameness workups, sick horse appointments, injuries, breeding work, and even the dreaded after-hours emergency calls.

Here are some FAQ's about the program:

Do I have to set up a separate fund for each horse in my herd?

Payments made into your monthly equine fund can be applied to any horses in your herd. Your payments are deposited to your account and applied as necessary to your invoices regardless of which horse was treated.

What happens if I don't use up funds from this year? Do I lose my funds if I don't use them up by the last day of the year?

Unlike the HSA you may have at work, you will not lose funds that you don't use in this calendar year. The funds will always be in your account for future use until they are applied to invoices for horses you own.

How do I know how much to pay in each month? We can help you decide on the amount of the monthly payment that will approximate your needs based on your herds' medial history and current health status. We also draw from our practice experience involving similar horses with similar medical histories. No one can see into the future, of course. But we can make some realistic estimates based on these factors.

How do I get started with this program?

Just let us know you'd like to get started with the Monthly Payment/Retainer Plan. We'll email you a simple form to complete. Then we'll schedule a time to go through the form with you and answer any questions you may still have about the program. Your first payment will post on the date you select.

Can I make payments through this program toward outstanding invoices I have with Dells Equine?

This program only applies to future expenses. It cannot be used to address an outstanding balance and cannot be set up at the time of an emergency. The time to set up this payment program is now, before an emergency arises.

I have an emergency with one of my horses, and I haven't set up this payment program yet. I know this emergency care is going to be expensive, and I'm not at a place where I can easily afford it. What options do you have for me?

We also provide our clients with the option to utilize ScratchPay for those unexpected emergency vet bills. ScratchPay is an option that some horse owners use to help cover vet expenses. ScratchPay is not a credit card. Finding a plan that works for your situation will not affect your credit score. Learn more about the ScratchPay program by clicking here.

We're here to answer your questions, so reach out if you are interested in learning more or you'd like to get started on this program. We're happy to help! Just call 608-844-9833 ext #3 and speak with Andrea. You can also email us at

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