Monthly Payment Option

Welcome to our first blog entry! I think this blog will be helpful for you to keep up with what's new with Dells Equine Veterinary Service. There have been a lot of new changes lately and it's a lot to keep track of!

If you like the idea of spreading all of your vet bills out into monthly payments, we a great option for you. You can set up a monthly credit card payment that estimates the total amount of money you will spend on your horses in the next year. This includes farm calls, coggins, vaccinations, dental care, and all other appointments such as breeding work, lameness workups, sick horse appointments, and injuries INCLUDING the dreaded after-hours emergencies. It's kind of like making a monthly contribution into a fund that will cover a year of vet bills, helping with your budgeting, cash flow, and avoiding a sudden expense that you weren't expecting. If you don't use it all up at the end of the year, no problem, it will always be on your account for future use (If you don't use it within the year, you WON'T lose it).

Your payments aren't designated for a particular horse; they can be applied to any horses you own. So it doesn't matter which horse ends up needing an emergency call, or which mare you decide to breed. Not all horses need a dental every year, so you're not paying for services that your horse doesn't need.

We can help you decide on the amount of the monthly payment that will approximate your needs. Then it's a simple form we'll go through with you to get set up. This program only applies to future expenses, though. It can not be used to address an outstanding balance, or set up at the time of an emergency, so the time to set it up is NOW.

We're here to answer your questions so give us a call if you are interested and we'll be happy to help :)

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