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Do Fly Predators Work?

A client asked me the other day about my take on fly predators. With all the cold weather we've been having, I haven't thought much about flies lately! I appreciate the question, though, and despite the snow falling today it's a great time to talk about pest control.

Fly predators are small flies that don't bother you or your animals, in fact you don't notice them at all. They help by killing the pest fly pupae (cacoon stage) before it can fly off to harass us and our animals and reproduce.

Yes, I do like them, I use them, and had already placed my order for them months ago. I have been really happy with minimal flies at my house (I also have a large trap for horse flies because the fly predators can't eat them.) I have asked a lot of other people who have used fly predators if they were happy with them and the typical response is very positive.

The first time I ordered them, I was glad that I would be able to get my money back if they didn't work, but I have always been pleased with the results. So if you're fed up with flies and sick of spraying your horses, I do recommend giving them a try.

Once the warm weather actually comes and the flies come out, it is too late to control them. Now is the perfect time to get your order in. Cheers!

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