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Dells Equine Veterinary Clinic is Open for Business

While we still have some finishing touches to complete, the Dells Equine Vet Clinic is open for many types of same-day and inpatient appointments!

Up until now, Dells Equine has been a mobile equine veterinary service. With the addition of our new clinic, we'll be able to offer even more services as we care for your horses.

Our clinic is ready for most outpatient appointments, such as routine winter equine dentistry, wellness exams, pregnancy checks, and routine wound/abscess care.

Other amenities include:

- On-site diagnostic imaging equipment

- Easy access and turnaround for most horse trailers

- Tribute horse nutrition products on site

- A heated facility for your comfort while you wait and for your horse’s comfort during veterinary care

- 24-hour video surveillance of the interior and exterior of the clinic

“I am thrilled to be able to provide this next level of care for my clients and their horses,” said Dells Equine Vet Clinic owner Dr. Suzanne McKichan. “There are so many services that are just too difficult if not impossible to offer on farm calls, especially during our frigid Wisconsin winters. Horses in need of these types of interventions and procedures will obtain the best possible care at our new clinic. The facility has been designed from the ground up to accommodate a variety of patient needs and to provide exceptional on-site equine veterinary care.”

In addition to diagnostic imaging, routine wound/abscess care, and emergent situations that require continual monitoring, Dells Equine Vet will begin offering additional therapies like regenerative joint treatments this year in addition to the more conventional joint treatment therapies we currently offer.

Dells Equine Vet Clinic will also be expanding the specialty services offered at the clinic in 2023. “We’ll continue to offer next-level equine dentistry care through our partnership with Midwest Veterinary Dental Services. The service that MVDS provided to many DEV clients in 2022 was invaluable. We are proud to continue offering this option to our patients that need more extensive equine dental care,” Dr. Suzanne explained.

“We are excited to be finalizing plans that will allow us to offer a wider array of expertise by partnering with veterinary specialists in the disciplines of surgery and internal medicine, hopefully beginning in late Spring or early Summer, 2023,” said Dr. Suzanne. Watch for more details in upcoming newsletters and on our website (

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