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Does My Horse Really Need a Spring Wellness Check?

As the winter chill fades and the first signs of spring emerge, horse owners everywhere are gearing up for a new season of adventures with their equine companions.  But first, it’s important to get your horse primed and ready!

Just like humans, horses can experience changes in health and well-being as the seasons transition.  A spring wellness check offers an opportunity to address early on any issues that may have arisen over the winter, and to prepare your horse for the demands of the upcoming riding season. Here are a few reasons why this spring visit is so important:

Detecting Winter Health Issues:  Wisconsin winters can be tough on horses. Cold temperatures, wet conditions, and limited exercise potentially contribute to a variety of health issues including weight loss, respiratory problems, or hoof concerns. Your spring wellness check allows Dr. Suzanne an opportunity to check your horse’s overall condition and address any lingering issues from the colder months. It’s best to get your horse’s chronic issues under control before updating their spring vaccines. 

Addressing Nutritional Needs:  As pastures green up and horses spend more time grazing, their nutritional requirements may change.  A spring wellness check provides an opportunity for Dr. Suzanne to evaluate your horse’s diet and make any necessary adjustments to ensure they receive the proper balance of nutrients for optional health and performance.  Dells Equine carries a wide range of Tribute Horse Feed products, including treats and supplements, to help you provide optional nutrition for your horse.

Preventing Parasites: With the warmer weather, we see an increase in parasite activity putting horses at greater risk of infestation. By conducting a fecal egg count and implementing an appropriate deworming protocol as part of the spring wellness check, you can help protect your horse from the harmful effects of internal parasites.

Updating Vaccinations and Preventative Care:  Spring is the ideal time to review your horse’s vaccination status to ensure they are up to date on essential vaccines to protect against the diseases we see most in our area. 

Assessing Fitness and Conditioning:  As you prepare to ramp up your horse’s activity level, a wellness check will provide valuable insight into your horse’s fitness level.  Whether you and your horse attend horse shows, ride competitively, or just spend time on the trails, it’s important to address your horse’s fitness and conditioning to prevent injuries or performance issues.

Evaluating Dental Health:  At Dells Equine, we prefer to perform dental examinations in the fall.  We believe that regular dental care is crucial for horses to maintain proper chewing function and overall health. During the fall dental exam, Dr. Suzanne will perform a thorough examination to identify any issues such as sharp points, uneven war, or dental disease that may require attention.  That said, if you didn’t have your horse’s teeth examined last fall, your spring wellness check is the next best time to attend to this!

The spring wellness check is a vital step in safeguarding your horse’s health and well-being as you trot into another season of adventures together.  By partnering with Dr. Suzanne to address any potential concerns and implement proactive health care, you will ensure your horse is ready to thrive in the coming warm-weather months.  Our schedule fills up very quickly this time of year, so call now to schedule your appointment.  Set your horse up for success this season and beyond!


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